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Jesus, I spent way too long trying to make that Photoshop work and it totally wasn’t worth it.  Kind of like your parents’ marriage.  Anyway, story is that Collider has the scoop that Terry Gilliam wants Robert Duvall to play Don Quixote in his famously cursed Don Quixote movie.  The film’s still in the process of securing financing, but it sounds like director and star are in agreement.  Meanwhile, Variety reports that Johnny Depp is in negotiations to play Pancho Villa in “Seven Friends of Pancho Villa and the Woman With Six Fingers.”

The Spanish-language biopic is to be shot partly in Mexico, where Villa — an early 20th-century bandit who became a guerilla fighter and a hero to the poor — is an iconic historical figure. Depp will act in Spanish, Serbian director Emir Kusturica said.  Depp and Kusturica collaborated previously on “Arizona Dream” in 1993.

The script is based on the biographical novel “The Friends of Pancho Villa,” in which author James Carlos Blake recounts how Villa and his compadres had a great time fighting and robbing the rich, but also dancing, partying and making love.

What a coincidence, that’s what I spend all my time doing!  At least, that’s what I pretend I’m doing while I make snarky blog posts and pet my cat.  *writes “rebel” on white v-neck in puffy paint*

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