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10.18.07 27 Comments

Robert Rodriguez’ remake of Barbarella is in trouble.

Universal Studios has backed out of backing the movie, whose budget the source pegged at nearly $100 million, because Mr. Rodriguez has insisted on casting his new fiancé, Rose McGowan, in the lead role.
The movie depicts a futuristic astronaut who travels the galaxy, seductively conquering everything in her path. More famous names floated for the part included Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry and Jessica Alba. [NY Observer]

Holy horrible actresses, Batman! Who do I rip on first??

Rose McGowan: when even the movie execs know you suck, the writing’s on the wall.  Jessica Alba: possibly an even worse actress than McGowan.  Berry: one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood – sure she was good in Monster’s Ball, she barely had to talk.  Kidman: perhaps the only actress more overrated than Halle Berry. Plus, she has clear skin, and I don’t mean acne free.

Robert Rodriguez is an 8-year-old.  A penis gun?  A guitar case bomb – on wheels?  Mexi-CAN?  Can you not self-edit?  When Planet Terror turned out actually good, I thought he’d grown up.  Apparently not.  Famous directors do not stir Marylin Manson’s vanilla, dude.  That’s just gross, man.  I heard his semen smells like Clove cigarettes.    

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