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07.15.09 17 Comments

Russell Brand (CUT YOUR GD HAIR!) is set to supply the voice of the Easter bunny in I Hop – a project that got greenlit when it should’ve gotten the guy who thought of it socked in the arm. (*sigh*) No one has good friends anymore.

Tim Hill, who previously mixed live action and CGI characters on “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” will direct.
Tale revolves around an out-of-work slacker who runs over the Easter Bunny while driving home late. Since the bunny can’t hop with a broken leg, the slacker is pressed into duty to save Easter. The film becomes a two-hander between the iconic holiday critter and the slacker, each of whom is running from adulthood. [Variety]

I hope Tim Allen plays the guy who has to become the Easter Bunny. Each day his ears get a little longer and he gets a little fuzzier. And one day he’ll be sitting on the marriage counselor’s couch with his wife and the doctor will ask, “So how’s your love life?”  And his wife will giggle, “Actually, doc, it’s the strangest thing, I don’t know what’s come over him, but ever since a week ago, we’ve been making love like rabbits!”  (*canned laughter*)

Also: Wouldn’t this be a funnier concept if the Easter Bunny ran over some loser and then had to take over his job at IHOP?  “Hey, Bunny, where the f*ck is my lingonberry butter?”  So ironic.

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