Ryan Reynolds still a superhero, but more indie

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04.12.10 25 Comments

He’s Deadpool, he’s Green Lantern, hell, even in indie movies Ryan Reynolds gets to play a superhero.  This one’s called Paper Man, from writer/directors Michele and Kieran Mulroney, and this time, Reynolds plays a bleach blond, Drop Dead Fred version of Superman, who exists only in the mind of Jeff Daniels, a struggling, middle-aged novelist who moves to Long Island for the winter to cure his writer’s block and who, get this, “has never quite grown up.”  An imaginative, immature writer as an indie flick protagonist?  You guys are nuts, it’ll never work!  But before you can say “Baumbach”, the acoustic guitars fade in and Daniels strikes up an unconventional relationship with Emma Stone, who’s, get this, wise beyond her years but emotionally wounded.  You take it from here, official synopsis:

Their tenuous, new friendship is sparked by Richard’s awe over Abby’s homemade soup and Abby’s enjoyment of Richard’s writing and his attempts at Origami. As the season progresses and the warm, quirky friendship between Richard and Abby grows, the two begin to share with each other their dreams and life hardships.  With the coming of spring, Richard and Abby discover there comes a time to let go of the imaginary friends of the past and to embrace the future as a new beginning.

Hmm, I like this as a movie, but does it perhaps also come as a scarf?

Opens in limited release April 23rd.

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