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This is a four-minute short called Panic Attack from Uruguayan director Fede Alvarez, reportedly made for just a few hundred dollars.  He was supposedly getting calls from Hollywood producers the same day he posted it, and now he has a deal with Sam Raimi’s production company.

The deal, in the six- against seven-figure range, will see Ghost House hire a writer for the project, which is based on an idea by Alvarez. [THR via Collider]

People are comparing the deal to the arrangement Peter Jackson had to produce Neill Blomkamp’s District 9.  As for the short film that inspired the deal, there’s really not much to it.  Some giant robots attack Montevideo (that’s the capital of Uruguay, genius), and that’s pretty much it, though the visuals are impressive.  It kind of looks like if Michael Bay and JJ Abrams had a butt baby who grew up in Uruguay, and it definitely seems like it cost more than a few hundred dollars.  With seven figures, I expect a few more crotch shots and the finest record scratches money can buy.

UPDATE: Apparently this started as a music video for these guys:

Thanks to John Lichtman over at the Rotten Tomatoes Show for the tip

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