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03.08.10 14 Comments

Sandra Bullock showed up to the Razzie Awards in Hollywood Saturday night.  They gave her a trophy, and in return she gave them All About Steve DVDs.  What a bitch.

“I think this is an extraordinary award.  I didn’t realize that this is the only award in Hollywood where if you say you’ll show up, you get it…
Something tells me you all didn’t watch the film.  Because I wouldn’t be here if you’d all actually watched the film and understood what we were doing here.”

Her intent aside, she just busted them on the two things that have always bugged me about the Razzies.  Well done, Sandy.  Anyway, then she said she was giving everyone DVDs and…

“I will show up next year, IF, you promise to watch the movie, and really consider if it was, really and truly, the worst performance.  If you’re willing to do this, I will come back next year and give back the Razzie.

“I also heard over the wire that Brad Cooper and myself won best couple.  Again, if you had seen the film, it’s pretty much a film about a woman stalking a man.  That doesn’t really set up the premise of a loving couple.  So to give us the worst couple award, is kind of a ‘Duh.'”

Two things: That it doesn’t really set up the premise of a loving couple is kind of why everyone thought the movie was so crappy, wasn’t it?  I mean, it was kind of weird being asked to laugh at an autistic woman who chokes on her seatbelt when she tries to attack Brad Cooper, no?  Secondly, as far as people confusing stalking for a loving relationship… have you heard of Twilight?

Post script: This is neither here nor there, but I think my favorite YouTube Comment was from “angloempire” who writes, “get in the kitchen you slut.”  Ah, YouTube.

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