See RDJ and JFavs introduce Iron Man 2

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04.28.10 15 Comments

This introduction video and surprise appearance by Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. comes from a special invite-only screening of Iron Man 2 at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin last night, hosted by AICN’s Harry Knowles (Beyoncé’s fat, red-headed brother).  I wasn’t invited, I assume because they knew these guns aren’t registered in that state.  Thanks, fellas, I appreciate you lookin’ out.  Anyway, by most accounts, it sounds just like what you would expect, i.e., “a virtual sea of competing novelty T-shirts,” size double X, sporting cat and beard hair, I’m sure.

The video [via Cinematical] shows Downey telling Favreau he “doesn’t need to suck up to these nerds anymore, they’re going to see it anyway.”  Then they both step out from behind the video onto the stage, where the crowd goes wild, creating a cloud of Cheeto dust and wave of undulating man boobs that could be seen from space.  But apparently, Favreau’s contribution to the evening didn’t end there:

Jon Favreau, who’s been doing months of post-production followed by a vicious, volcano-interrupted press tour, needs to blow off some steam. He does it by mix-mastering beats from The Jackson Five and Guns N Roses and Eric B. and Rakim and AC/DC. He mashes up “It’s Tricky” and “Brown Sugar.” He brings the house down with a power ballad by The Outfield. The DJ hired by the Alamo thought he’d hand over the turntables for maybe ten minutes but Favs won’t stop. You’d think he’d be mugging to the crowd but, no, he’s really workin’ it. [UGO]

I’m sure watching Jon Favreau DJ would be cool, but nearly as cool as watching Robert Downey Jr. in blackface DJ.

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