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11.09.09 30 Comments

I normally can’t stand campy stuff (Glee? gag me), but strangely, I like Clueless and a lot of Amy Heckerling’s work (Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Johnny Dangerously).  Her latest project is writing and directing Vamps, and it sounds basically like Sex and the City and Vampires.

The film will be a modern-day tale of two young female vampires living the good life in New York until love enters the picture and each has to make a choice that will jeopardise their immortality. Krysten Ritter is on board as one of the female leads with additional casting underway. Production is set to start in March 2010. [ScreenDaily]

“Krysten.”  Gold star for creative spelling there, parents.  Hooray, your child is so unique!  I can just imagine her ordering at Starbuck’s:

KRYSTEN: “Hi, I’ll take a grande vanilla latte please.”

BARISTA: “Great!  Can I get your name?”

KRYSTEN: “It’s Krysten.”

BARISTA: *starts writing*

KRYSTEN: “That’s K-R-Y…”

BARISTA: “Go f-ck yourself.”

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