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10.17.08 29 Comments

Summit Entertainment released the first ten minutes of Sex Drive online, and you can watch it after the jump.  I feel bad for this movie, because I feel like it would’ve been a hit if it’d been released before they had a chance to make those 15 direct-to-DVD American Pie sequels.  I even take back what I said about James Marsden being a bad choice for this.  Still, I’m sick of all these goddamned stories about the biggest nerd in high school who still manages to get laid by the end of the movie.  Whatever, dude, we’ll see who’s cool when the real cool guy is writing sarcastic things about you on the internet in ten years.  Betcha won’t feel so cool then, will ya?  Dick.

Also, there’s some tasty high school chick thong action around the 7-minute mark, and I know how much my lady readers enjoy that kind of thing.

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