‘Sexy Dance 3, the Battle’

07.02.10 8 years ago 17 Comments

Yo yo yo, word up, ya dumb beeeyotch, it’s ya boy C-Tates, all up in ya biz like Cheez Whiz, ya heard?  This the French poster for my new movie Step Up 3-DEEEEZ NUTS.  Only in France they be callin’ it ‘Sexy Dance 3.’  I guess they ain’t got step camps out in Euro land like the one ya boy C-Tates’ moms sent me to in Tampa Bizzy, what what represent.  Yeah, girl, but choo know these dance moves is still sexy, no matter if you be speakin’ African or Puerto Rican or some sh—

Hold on, I’m getting update…

Wait, what?!  That’s not Channing Tatum in the poster?!  You say he’s not even in this movie?! OH HELL NAW!  The new guy even tried to jack C-Tate’s mack moves!  When I want whigger dancing, I want the real thing, dammit!  This imitation mumbly whigger will not stand, man.

[via BleedingCool]

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