10.18.07 11 years ago 77 Comments

Hey, remember Napoleon Dynamite?  Of course you do, they keep trying to crowbar his ass into every movie. Blades of Glory, School for Scoundrels, The Benchwarmers, Just Like Heaven – what do these movies have in common?  I didn’t pay to see any of them.

In Mama’s Boy, Jon Heder, everyone’s 2nd favorite Mormon* plays a 29-year-old who still lives with his mom (Diane Keaton) whose life gets turned upside down when his mom starts dating a new man (Jeff Daniels).  Wow, sounds like Mr. Woodcock meets School for Scoundrels.  What a great business decision, those movies did really well at the box office, right? 

Anna Faris may be hot, but she’s yet to make a good career decision (that restraining order wasn’t so nice either, bitch – together, we could’ve gone straight to the top!).  And Diane Keaton?  Dead to me. 

*Number 1 is Steve Young 

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