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03.08.10 22 Comments

Here’s Kathryn Bigelow collecting her Oscar for Best Director.  My favorite part was Barbra Streisand inserting herself in the moment as if she’d actually done something.  Imagine if when Peter Jackson had collected his Best Picture for Lord of Rings, Brett Ratner had been onstage to say “This is a victory for fat guys with beards everywhere!”   No it’s not, bitch, you didn’t do anything. Sit your ass back down.

After the jump, Jeff Bridges’ speech after winning Best Actor.  If you had “groovy” in your office’s words-Jeff-Bridges-will-use-upon-winning-Best-Actor pool, you’re a winner.

(And just because, here’s Olivia Munn and Eva Amurri eating chocolate-covered strawberries (via).  Mmm, that’s nice ladies, I got some chocolate-covered strawberries I’d like to feed you.  …Wait, did I just make a scheisse euphemism?  I don’t even know anymore).

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