Shyammy’s movies don’t suck, you just don’t have a “European sensibility”

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08.16.10 31 Comments


Over the weekend I saw the trailer for Devil in a theater for the second time, and for the second time, the crowd laughed and jeered during the “from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan” title card.  Point being, his last few movies have sucked, and there’s no need to pile on.  But it seems every day there’s a new story about Shyamalan responding to “his critics” (i.e., everybody).  Is that because he won’t shut up and just go away for a while?  Or is it because the studio is making the poor bastard get out there and promote Last Airbender in foreign markets to earn back the budget, leaving him to face adversarial journalists everywhere he goes, even though he and everyone else involved knows the movie is a turd and he’d rather just stay home?  I don’t know.  But I know quotes like these aren’t helping:

“I don’t know what’s going on with me and the critics in the United States. They’ve never got me and it’s getting worse!” said the filmmaker.

“I’ve always had a European sensibility to my movies, so the pacing is always a little bit off for (Americans). It feels a little stilted, they need more electricity.”

“I’m very used to getting on a plane from the US having been savaged by them and going to – in this case – Japan next, and then they’re like ‘genius!’, he added. [ITN]

Oh, you didn’t like it?  You probably just didn’t get it.  Have you ever lived in Europe?  No?  Well there’s your problem.  If you’d been to Europe, you’d probably love it.  Expository dialog is a delicacy over there.

I think my problem is that I didn’t see Eat, Pray, Love BEFORE The Last Airbender.  All that privilege and world travel probably would’ve helped put things in perspective.  They should do a co-branding push.  My aunt saw Eat, Pray Love first, and when she saw Airbender a few days later, she said loved it.  During the closing credits, she queefed so hard it blew popcorn on the people in front of her.  True story.

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