09.21.07 11 years ago 19 Comments

MTV gave us some tidbits about upcoming Simon Pegg/Nick Frost projects from Mr. Pegg himself.  Though they didn't print the actual interview (God I hate MTV), they did give us this:

“It’s called ‘Paul’ and it’s a road movie about two British geeks in America.” Pegg added that the film will be shot here in the States.

So will we see a similar dynamic between Simon and Nick as depicted in “Shaun” and Hot Fuzz”? Pegg laughed said, “No, it’s different actually. I’m the bitch in this one. This time Simon’s the bitch!”

It's cute how he hasn't quite mastered referring to himself in the third person yet.  Makes sense though, over in England they probably don't get to see as many NFL interviews.

I don't think there's any need for them to come to America.  Some humor doesn't translate, but they manage it well.  Unlike Will Farrell.  I heard over in England, they have to put a dress on him in post production; otherwise no one knows when to laugh.

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