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08.24.07 14 Comments

Like Michael Vick, the first week of FilmDrunk is now in the can.  There was laughter, a few tears; probably even a morning after pill.  The main thing is that we're here, and we'll continue to be here, and Uwe Boll still won't fight me

So now i turn you to the first weekly installment of "The Top Ten Reasons Uwe Boll Won't Fight Me"

10. He's a giant vagina
9. He's built entirely of girl parts
8. He's worried about wrinkling his frilly little sundress
7. He's still recovering from labia surgery
6. Fractured uterus. Caused by sex with well endowed men.
5. His brother Manute won't let him
4. He has a yeast infection 
3. Have I made it to number 1 yet?
2. Gynecomastia
1. He knows I'm a bad, bad man.

If you miss me over the weekend, I'll be writing WWTDD; and trying to find some contact info for Uwe Boll so we can get a proper internet campaign going. In the meantime, you can check out the new FilmDrunk Myspace Page, and my guest post at WithLeather.  -Lance

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