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11.07.07 105 Comments

The Poet, a film directed by Damien Lee (who also directed… uh… Ski School*), has been picked up by American World Pictures.

The film stars Darryl Hannah, Roy Scheider, Kim Coates and Colm Feore.

In the World War II drama, Hannah plays a mother who urges her son (Jonathan Scarfe), a disenchanted German soldier to find true love.  [Hollywood Reporter]

Her son then meets a woman who breaks his heart, and he learns to string words like "o’er" and "duality" together pretentiously in order to better share his pain with those around him.  At which point his mother urges him to find a job. 

Asked for comment, a handsome film blogger said, "I’d rather have Edward Scissorhands milk my prostate than go to a poetry reading."

*No doubt this movie was the inspiration for the "Asspen" episode of South Park (video after the jump) – Update: Says commenter Mister Pants: I think you’re forgetting the real inspiration for Asspen was Better Off Dead. Where John Cusack has to race ski badass/girl stealing/evil dictator Roy Stalin down the K-12.  Yeah, well whatever, jerk.

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