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01.10.08 22 Comments

I bash a lot of a big Hollywood movies here on FilmDrunk, but lest you forget that indies are just as bad, here’s the trailer for Skid Marks (for mature audiences, supposedly), “the hardcore comedy about softcore medics.”

It’s always sad when a movie needs a dwarf and but can’t afford Peter Dinklage or Mini Me.  Anyway, two of the main characters are a little person and a really fat guy. I’d suggest adding an albino and a harelip if you really want to keep people away in droves.

As you can see, the plot revolves around two competing EMT crews, D.I.C. and B.A.L., making it basically a rip off of Super Troopers by and for morons.  The trailer finishes with its tagline, “You can’t cure stupid…”  Hmm, I feel like I’ve heard that somewhere before…    

So guys, next time no one wants to give you money to make your movie, take it as a sign.  A sign that you have no original ideas. (Opens in four San Diego county locations January 25th – stay classy) 

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