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(Look at that beauty mark, she’s a dead ringer for Marilyn Monroe.)

The actual slumdogs from Slumdog Millionaire, for whom the director and producer bought houses and set up a trust, have been missing so much class lately that they’ve been threatened with getting their trust cut off.  I for one am so sick of trust-fund punks thinking they don’t have to play by the rules.

Azharuddin Ismail, 11 and Rubina Ali, 10 have been told to stop skipping class in Mumbai or forfeit a 120-dollars per month payment.

Noshir Dadrawala, who helps administer the fund, said that Azharuddin was showing up at school only 37 percent of the time and that Rubina had a 27 percent attendance rate. The trust decided that the children must raise their attendance above 70 percent or forfeit their monthly stipends.

When asked about his truancy by NDTV, Ismail, 11, said “My father died and I had to go through the rituals so I couldn’t attend.”  Ismail’s father died in September after a lengthy battle with tuberculosis. Ali, 10, gave a similar excuse, telling the network “I had hurt my foot with a glass shard and got burnt with a cracker. So I was not going to school.”

Ali’s father Rafiq defended her, saying “I know what is best for Rubina. They called us and said they will stop helping us. I told them God will take care of us.” [AP, NYTimes]

Small correction: “I burnt myself on a cracker” is actually NOT a similar excuse to “my father died.”  That sh-t don’t even fly at community college.  Though perhaps by “burnt with a cracker” she was speaking metaphorically, of her encounter with the rich white man who changed her life forever, and not necessarily for the better.  And that maybe things were better before, when they were simpler, before her dance* with the fickle mistress that is fame.  Discuss.

*elaborately choreographed with 50 extras and excessive shoulder gyrating.

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