Snyder's Superman: Zod will be villain, Routh probably not returning

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10.05.10 16 Comments

It was only

  • General Zod will be the villain. This according to THR, who wrote: “like ‘Superman Returns,’ it’s rumored to have a connection to Richard Donner’s ‘Superman” films. In this case, it’s the villain, General Zod.”
  • Brandon Routh is probably not going to return.  No official word on this yet, but everyone’s reporting it as an off-the-record rumor, so… maybe it’s true!  Hooray!
  • Snyder told USA Today: “Mainly male (superheroes), have gotten to evolve over the years. Batman. The X-Men. But I think the first (Superman) movies were so well done, he kind of got stuck. I think our challenge is to bring him to a modern audience that’s still respectful of the character.”

Zod makes sense as a villain.  There aren’t a lot of choices there.  With most comic book movies, you might advise against the old evil-guy-who-has-the-same-superpowers-as-the-hero storyline, but with Superman, it’s either that or Kryptonite, which is to say Superman either has every super power and is invulnerable, or someone has Kryptonite and he has no powers. Kind of a crappy choice.  And having Superman overcome Kryptonite through will power like in the last movie is a terrible solution.  Who wrote this, Tony Robbins?  Anyway, no word on whether this means Lex Luthor won’t be in it, but I don’t care how old he is, if Gene Hackman came back I would watch the sh*t out of this.

That sucks for Brandon Routh.  As I noted during my Comic-Con coverage, he looks more like Superman than any human being alive.  But once the taint of a bad movie has rubbed off on you, it’s hard to come back from that.  No one likes a taint rubber.

In closing, I have but one suggestion: GIANT SPIDER IN THE THIRD ACT!

(the now infamous giant-spider story)

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