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04.21.08 32 Comments

A $250,000 Aston Martin DBS that was to be featured in Quantum of Solace was wrecked en route to the set. According to Italian reports, the car was the only one available.

The car was being delivered to a set on the edge of Italian beauty spot Lake Garda when the driver lost control on a tight bend and plunged through a safety barrier.  Lake Garda’s mirror-smooth waters may have been briefly stirred, but in true James Bond style, the vehicle’s Brit driver was hardly shaken [gold star for you, Variety writer-guy! -Ed.].

Fraser Dunn, 29, calmly freed himself from the wreck and swam ashore. He suffered minor injuries and was due to be released from the hospital Sunday. [Variety]

Yes, well, we’re all glad he’s okay.  In related news, I totaled an $800 ’82 Cutlass Supreme twelve years ago and my dad beat me until I pissed blood for a week.  But get well soon, Limey McCan’tdriveforshit, our prayers are with you. 

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