Son of Oscar-Winning Rapist Charged with Murder

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12.13.10 13 Comments

The body of 33-year-old swimsuit designer Sylvie Cachay (pictured, center) was found dead in a New York hotel Thursday, and now her boyfriend, Nick Brooks, 24, is being charged with the killing.  Brooks is the son of Oscar-winning composer Joseph Brooks, who a year ago was charged with 11 separate casting-couch rapes.  Even worse, he composed the 1977 hit “You Light Up My Life.”

Police discovered Cachay, whose designs were a celebrity favorite, at the Soho House club and hotel, according to a New York police spokesman.
Brooks was Cachay’s boyfriend, according to WABC. Cachay’s body sustained bruising on the neck and bite marks, and was found clothed in the hotel room bathtub, the spokesman said. Brooks’ lawyer told WABC he didn’t believe the two were in the process of breaking up.

An autopsy indicated that the designer suffered injuries that were consistent with neck compression. Cachay suffered internal hemorrhaging, injuries to her scalp and cuts to her lips and mouth, court records show. [CNN]

Ahh, it’s always nice to start the week with such heartwarming stories.  It’s like we’re living in a Nicholas Sparks novel.   Meanwhile, the Post has even more classy stories about Brooks, who sounds like a wonderful human being:

Nicholas Brooks took out a full-page ad in the New York Times that year defending his dad and praising him for a secret, $2 million donation to a cancer center. But a subsequent investigation by an oncology journal turned up discrepancies with the story, and revealed that Joseph Brooks helped his son write the ad.

Nick Brooks loaded himself up with booze and drugs and threw money around in a desperate bid to make friends during his time at University of Colorado, former classmates said.

Brooks checked into the Boulder school as a 21-year-old freshman in 2007, and tried hard to fit in with the teens around him, said the friends, who spoke to The Post on the condition of anonymity.

Brooks had access to a seemingly never-ending stash of cocaine and liquor. He’d pay people to hit the hard-partying club scene with him, students said.

In June 2008, Brooks got a summons from Boulder police for bringing alcohol into a party full of underage kids. Instead of cooperating with the cops, Brooks got in their faces.

“He flipped out, saying he was going to get a lawyer and things like that. He could get really on edge and sometimes I’d think it was because he needed more coke — he got deep into it while he was here,” the onetime friend said. [NYPost]

Trying to win friends with booze and cocaine, bragging about your parents, threatening to sue people — my gosh, that doesn’t sound like the University of Colorado *I* know.  Are we sure this guy’s real?  He sounds like someone Roman Polanski invented as a PR move, or a character in an Oliver Stone film.

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