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Vince reported last month that Sony paid $50 million for 80 hours of Michael Jackson’s rehearsal footage.  According to Rolling Stone:

The Michael Jackson estate and Sony Pictures Entertainment announced today that This Is It, a film comprised of rehearsal and behind-the-scenes footage of Jackson preparing for his 50-concert run at London’s O2 Arena, will be released in movie theaters on October 30th.

[…] the deal with Sony was contingent on multiple factors. First, the film is required to be no longer than 150 minutes and must secure a PG rating. [Ed. – I wouldn’t go to a 150-minute PG movie if they were giving out free blow jobs and oxycontin.]  Also, the film can in no way show Jackson in a negative light [Ed. – *dismissive wank motion / dick helicoptor combo move*], and a final cut must be presented to the Jackson estate by October 2nd.

They’re now estimating the total hours of footage at 100 instead of 80.  So they have about 70 days from when they bought the footage to pare 100 hours down to 2.5 or less as a coherent movie.  Luckily Sony was able to find plenty of cheap labor to help out when they discovered a room full of child laborers in the basement of Neverland.  Hop to it, kids.  These clips aren’t going to import into Final Cut Express by themselves.

~ robopanda [video source]

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