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10.18.07 33 Comments

In case you missed South Park last night, the boys discovered Imagination Land, which got attacked by terrorists.  There were plenty of movie references, including this Saving Private Ryan homage. 

At one point the government starts bringing in Hollywood directors to see if their creative brains can help solve the terrorist problem (yeah, that’s the clip I was hoping to find…).  Manny Shyamalan comes in and says, "Hmm, what if the terrorists were really from space.  And we’ve all been dead the whole time!"  

The guy from the government: "That’s not an IDEA, it’s a TWIST!"  Michael Bay gets similar treatment, "Those aren’t IDEAS, they’re SPECIAL EFFECTS!" 

Good stuff, though I would’ve also had Brett Ratner suggesting Chris Tucker yelling was the solution to the terrorist problem, and Bruckheimer pitching talking animals. 

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