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06.18.08 68 Comments

Variety today reports that Spike Lee’s next project after Miracle at St. Anna will be directing and co-writing Time Traveler, an adaptation of a memoir by Ronald Mallet, one of the nation’s first black Ph.Ds in Theoretical Physics, whom I imagine grabbing his crotch and yelling, “Ph DEEZ NUTS!’ upon being handed his diploma.  What?

Mallett, who wrote the book [full title: Time Traveler: A Scientist’s Personal Mission to Make Time Travel a Reality] with Bruce Henderson, recounts his rise from poverty to a distinguished academic and scientific career, and it lays out the technical specs for what Mallett envisions as a workable time machine. Developing a time machine became an obsession for Mallett from the age of 10 after his father’s death. His goal was to travel back in time to save his father.

Lee plans to use Mallet’s work to lay out his theory that the space-time continuum is just a conspiracy to keep the black man from going back in time and partying with dinosaurs.  Suck on that, whitey, you no rhythm having ass motherfuckers.

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