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03.03.09 24 Comments

Spinal Tap members Michael McKean, Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer have announced a 30-city reunion tour beginning April 17th in Vancouver, Canadia.  But not so fast, because this tour has an important distinction.

The actors are leaving their wigs and costumes in their closets for the “Unwigged and Unplugged” tour.
“When we were doing the Tap show, it was 90 minutes to 120 minutes of really, really hard work and running up and down the rafters, and we had big special effects, and we played electric instruments, and we had wigs, and we got very sweaty,” said McKean, who played lead singer David St. Hubbins. “This is none of that.” [MSN]

This is great for me because I love Spinal Tap, but I’ve always thought, why all the costumes and production value?  I mean, what I really want is the vicarious experience of being an aging actor with a hobbie. Ooh! Sing a song about going to the DMV!

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