Stallone Stalker Thought Rocky Sequel Might Break Out at Restaurant

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12.06.10 19 Comments

Now that we know Sly Stallone’s real-life persona is just as entertaining as any of the characters he’s played (if profound tweets were explosive-tipped arrows, he’d be Rambo), it’s no surprise that he has a few stalkers.  Not female stalkers, mind you, mostly just male ones who want to share a heavy bag and bro down, like me and Chodin on our lunch breaks at Uproxx HQ.  Enter  Damon T. Dana, who on Saturday showed up unannounced to Sly’s lunch date with Arnold Schwarzenegger at a fancy restaurant where there must not have been a dress code, since Dana arrived sporting cornrows, workout shorts, and a shaved, shirtless chest.  No word on whether Mickey Rourke had to go home and change.

Stallone was at his usual Saturday hangout, Cafe Roma, when Damon T. Dana introduced himself to Sly and the two chatted for about a minute. The conversation was cordial, according to our guy on the scene.
After the meeting, Dana took his shirt off and started walking around the restaurant. He then went into the alley outside and started working out with free weights and jumping rope. That’s when the restaurant called police.
Dana was arrested back in August after he tried to sneak on to Sly’s estate. [TMZ]

That’s a good strategy.  Nautilus machines are good for building mass, but you may sacrifice balance. Plus they don’t offer the flexibility of being able to work out in an alley like free weights. Stallone told the 22-year-old Dana that if he says his prayers, eats his vitamins, keeps punching, and never gives up, there might be a part for him in an Expendables sequel in 30 or 40 years.

(see the awkward video after the jump)

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