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Pictured: The pimpinest pimp daddy who ever pimped.

Meet Tony Alleyne.  He oozes confidence and charm, as any guy who’d turned his apartment into a replica of a Star Trek ship would.

After his wife left him, Tony Alleyne set out to create the ultimate bachelor pad, painstakingly turning his flat into a Star Trek set. He started the project in 1999 and completed it in 2004, but then decided to give the flat a Star Trek: Voyager make-over

“I have always considered that of all the Starfleet ships, Voyager is, in terms of interior, the luxury liner of the galaxy,” he says. [He later called Depends ‘the Cadillac of adult diapers.’ -Ed.]

The 500-square-foot apartment features voice-activated lighting, LED lighting, running lights, air-conditioning – but no bed.  A few years ago Mr Alleyne suffered from sciatica and was advised by his GP to sleep on the floor. “It cured the sciatica and gave me the opportunity to convert the bed area into the Transporter area,” he says. “Bed space is overrated”

His wife – who owns the flat – put it up for sale, but it fell through. “To be honest, I’m quite happy the sale didn’t go through as I do enjoy living here and carrying out upgrades periodically,” Mr Alleyne says. [via Telegraph – couple more pictures there]

Of course she tried to sell it – this guy’s probably shoulder deep in fresh poon now, and she can’t stand it. I think this is my favorite feature. It just wouldn’t be a future house without a wall covered in blinky lights labeled “SCIENCE.”  I did the same thing in my bedroom with a chalkboard covered with equations.  “This is where I do my research,” I tell the ladies.

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