Star Wars + The Town: Puttin' this whole death stah in my reahview

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09.24.10 10 Comments

I know, I know, we’re really running this whole The Town/Bawston thing into the ground.  Still, this mash up of Star Wars and The Town, courtesy of these guys, just couldn’t be denied.  That Dahth Vadah, he’s a real fackin’ hahd on. The irony of all this is that Mark Hamill actually does like to have a good cry at the nail salon.  I also like that they made sure to get Peter Poslethwaite’s line in there.  Aside from being a great actor and totally freaky looking, that guy has one of the best names in Hollywood.  My dream is that he would one day marry Imogen Poots after she gets married and divorced from Benedict Cumberbatch. “Shoyne ya boots, guv?  Oy’ll make ya Daisy Roots clean as da Queen’s undacrackaz, oy wiw, ‘relse moy name ain’ Imogen Poots Cumbabatch Postleffwaite.”

(*crosses hands behind head, leans back in desk chair*)  Yeah… That would be somethin’.

[Thanks to Mark for finding the video, and Frotcast Brendan for making the poster]

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