Storm Troopers on a Subway Train

Senior Editor
07.14.10 21 Comments

Improv Everywhere‘s latest stunt involved dressing up like Storm Troopers (…and Vader, and Leia) and invading a New York City subway train.  Now, I know what you’re probably thinking, “Wait, Vince, did you say this is something Star Wars related?  On the INTERNET??  Slow down, brochacho, my head is spinning like a dradle carousel.”

I know, friends, it sounds crazy.  But it’s true.

Look, I know I’m probably a bitter, cynical d*ck for not thinking this is super cute, but am I wrong for thinking this is kind of lame?  First of all, Star Wars came out before these people were born, and it’s getting a little tiresome seeing my generation try so hard to prove their geek cred, and that Star Wars has become the only way to do that.  (And extrovertedness seems very un-geek, doesn’t it?)  Secondly, where is the ‘improv?’  They put on costumes and acted out a scene.  It’s neat that they made people smile, but next time instead of kidnapping your friend dressed like Leia, how about you board the subway dressed like Storm Troopers and try to drag out an already-paranoid, urine-smelling hobo whose pockets are probably full of broken crack pipes and dirty hypo needles?  Tell him you’re from the government.  Now that would require some improvisation.

Or have a guy dressed like Samuel L. Jackson yell, “I’m getting TIRED of these motherf*ckin’ theater DORKS on this motherf*ckin’ TRAIN!”

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