Studio greenlights horror film about an immortal Katherine Heigl

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05.13.10 12 Comments

"I'll have what she's having. Wait, no. On second thought, just bring me the ice cream menu."

Lakeshore Entertainment has acquired the script for The Age of Adaline, which has Katherine Heigl attached to star.  It was written by Mills Goodloe and Sal Paskowitz, but before I get into that, I must direct your attention to Sal Paskowitz’s one other IMDB credit, Nic & Tristan Go Mega Dega, which may have the best synopsis in history:

Twins Nic and Tristan are pumped: Today’s the Mega Dega Skateboard Comp and they’re ready to win! But their plans take a serious spill when they realize it’s their parents’ anniversary too. Now they have to out-maneuver the world’s most efficient babysitter, a magical broken statue, a rabid security guard and an angry punk mob. If the boys are going to win Mega Dega and save their parents’ marriage, it’s going to take all their skateboarding skills and a little help from their friends. Not to mention an army of cockroaches.

I’ve attached the trailer after the jump, and though it’s not nearly as good as the synopsis, it does have-a one-a spicy-a record scratch!  Mamma Mia!  (*kisses fingertips, grabs crotch, flips pizza dough*)  ANYWAY, back to the Katherine Heigl thing…

Mills Goodloe and Sal Paskowitz wrote the script, centering on a young woman, born at the turn of 20th century, who is rendered ageless after an accident. After years of a solitary life, she meets a man who might be worth losing her immortality  [*cough* CITY OF ANGELS! *cough* SUPERMAN 2 *cough, cough*].  Lakeshore and Heigl, repped by Paradigm and Abishag, also teamed on 2009’s “The Ugly Truth.” [THR]

That’s a neat accident.  I just hope that the lady who got her face torn off by that chimp one day meets a man for whom it would be worth not being horribly disfigured.  Because whatever happens to you as a result of an accident, it can be cured by the right guy, you see.  Ta da! You have eyeballs again, let’s f*ck.

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