Shortlist to direct Superman includes Zack Snyder, the Moon guy

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09.24.10 25 Comments

"That's right, bro, it's a lens. Sick, right?"

WB and Legendary pictures have to get their Superman movie made by 2012, because in 2013, some of their rights revert back to the heirs of creator Jerry Siegel (and god forbid those worthless catamites get nickel of this).  Back in February, WB hired Chris Nolan to “mentor” the process.  A few weeks after that, we heard David S. Goyer (co-wrote Batman Begins, story credit on Dark Knight) was writing the script.   Now, according to Deadline, Chris Nolan and producer Emma Thomas have a shortlist of possible directors.  BOOM!  HERE THE F*CK THEY ARE!  (That’s just how I roll, homey).

  • Tony Scott (recently of Unstoppable — it’s like a missile the size of the Chrysler building!)
  • Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, Let Me In)
  • Jonathan Liebesman (Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Clash of the Titans 2)
  • Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code)
  • Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300, Sucker Punch)

Nolan is reportedly meeting with candidates and will submit his choice to the studio in a few weeks.  Tony Scott is out of the question, because nowadays he only does movies about trains (though Superman is faster than a speeding train — discuss).  Matt Reeves… haven’t seen Let Me In yet, but… meh.  Jonathan Liebesman… double meh.  I still haven’t seen Duncan Jones’ Moon (no homo), but everyone says it’s amazing.  I believe them, but it’s always hard to predict what’ll happen when a director goes from smaller projects to blockbusters, and whether he’ll let the studio walk all over him or not.  I’m all for Zack Snyder.  He made the supposedly un-adaptable Watchmen and almost pulled it off.  Imagine the fun he could have with Superman.  But something tells me Superman doesn’t have enough zombies or owls or swordfights or hot chicks in spandex for Zack Snyder’s tastes.  Come to think of it, Superman is a little boring.  He’s like Steve Young with superpowers.

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