Ted McGinley saves Christmas from Atheist Baldwins in Christian movie

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09.20.10 63 Comments

Yes, this is an actual movie plot, for the upcoming direct-to-DVD heartwarmer, Christmas with a Capital C:  In Trapper Falls, Alaska (filmed in Seward), Ted McGinley saves Christmas from a dirty rotten atheist grinch played by Daniel Baldwin (presumably the Capital C of the title).

If you’ve been keeping track of your Baldwin brothers at home, you might be surprised that this film stars Daniel, and not Stephen Baldwin, heretofore the lone born-again Christian Baldwin.  But this ignores the fact that God commands Stephen Baldwin not to work for a living.  That means either Daniel is a born-again now too, or he ran out of coke money.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if he picked up religion, as so many do, while in recovery, back when he was on Dr. Drew’s rehab show.  But again, if you’ll remember, he left that early:

His stated reasons for leaving included having a prior commitment to an acting job and the others’ behavior interfering with his recovery, but after his departure a fellow rehab celebrity, porn star Mary Carey, claimed that he had been sending her inappropriate text messages. [wiki]

But I digress.  This film looks awesome.  Some of the key lines (no no no, Daniel, not THOSE kind of key lines, put down that tiny spoon):

TED MCGINLEY: Joe, what are you doing?  ‘Season’s Greetings??!!?’

JOE: Yeah, it works for everybody.

TED MCGINLEY: …Well it doesn’t work for me.

“He hates God, he doesn’t want equal representation of religion: he wants none.”

“Christians happen to have started the United States of America!” [untrue to a ridiculous degree, by the way, but hey, this is a comedy site]

“Just because God’s out of vogue in the big city doesn’t mean we throw him away like last season’s fashion magazine.”

I’d rip on this movie and all the stupid fights the fundies try to start that no one else gives a sh*t about, but in the end I have to admit that helping Daniel Baldwin get a bite to eat really is the Christian thing to do. And besides, I could never hate Mr. Scream.

[JoemyGod via DailyWhat]

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