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11.25.08 61 Comments

Sony’s site for Terminator Salvation recently added with this crazy flash animation thing where an aerial shot of the city turns into a Terminator face with the tagline “The End Begins”.  Hey, wasn’t it originally called “The Future Begins“?  Make up your damn minds.  Meanwhile, CHUD claims it’s more than just a flash animation:

It’s a flash movie on the Sony site (they’re handling internation distribution), but it’ll likely be a motion poster at your local theater.

Whoooaaa.  I’ve never actually seen a motion poster at a theater before, but I assume they’re something like the roster pictures on Monday Night Football, where you think it’s a still picture at first until all of a sudden the guy blinks at you, at which point you realize someone out there actually decided video of a dude creepily staring at you was preferable to a photo.  Anyway, cool poster.

In related news, the He’s Just Not That Into You poster has Drew Barrymore, Ben Affleck, and the guy from Entourage on it! OMG, it’s just like the collages I used to make!  Except with less puffy paint.

[Second poster source = JoBlo]

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