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(“Open up, little man, I know you’re hiding a pot of gold in your belly.”)

Terry Gilliam recently did an interview with the Onion A/V Club, and you should read the whole thing, because he’s awesome, and what else are you going to read, Michael Phelps’ autobiography?  Anyway, he mentions that he’s still trying to get money for his Don Quixote movie, which now has Robert Duvall attached.  But it was also interesting to hear what he had to say about Avatar.

“Technically, it’s extraordinary work. And that’s where it sort of ends. We’ve seen the story before. We’ve seen so much of what’s been done there before, but I think he’s obviously moved the technology way ahead, to a point that who’s going to get the benefit from it is the real question. I think his system that he’s developed is obviously extraordinary, but you need these vast sums of money to create something like that. The thing that always amazes me about Cameron is how he uses the camera. I’ve always been amazed by that, ever since I first saw his films. And he continues to do it. It’s a dynamic that’s quite extraordinary, but as far as the ideas and everything else, nothing surprised me.”

“What he’s done is so difficult. And that deserves praise for something. I don’t know if it’s necessary, is my problem. I occasionally would pull the glasses off and say, “Did the depth mean that much to me?” And it didn’t. But it’s very lush work.” [source]

That’s right, he agrees with me, eat it.  He also had some thoughts on the new Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes:

“It was a very lush movie. And it’s pretty good—it was much better than I expected, to be honest, and I love watching [Robert Downey Jr.], always. I thought it was well-mounted, put it that way. It’s not any less stupid than most things that are being made.” [Laughs.]

So if you take anything from this, it’s that Terry Gilliam enjoys the word “lush”.  And if it’s lush he’s after, he should check out that Nick Nolte documentary, and hear all about the time old Nolte woke up inside a cement mixer.

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