The Beatles are Back… From the Grave

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05.14.10 25 Comments

Hey Burnsy, do you like zombie movies? Why yes, yes I do. And do you like the Beatles? Sure, I’m quite fond of them. So how would you feel about a movie about the Beatles as zombies? Well, I’ll offer you a long, overdramatically drawn out fart noise, thankyouverymuch.

Paul is Undead is the latest pop-culture-meets-zombie-genre movie to get the green light, as the Alan Goldsher novel is being produced to bring zombie versions of John, Paul, Ringo and the other guy to the big screen. The story centers on zombie John Lennon reanimating George Harrison and Ringo Starr as the living dead, as well as turning Paul McCartney, presuming he’s still alive at press time. The zombie quartet goes on a world tour, playing their music and eating brains, until they run into some old friends.

Give yourself a swirly, Pajiba:

It’s based on a novel by Alan Goldsher called Paul Is Undead and it will chronicle the story of an undead John Lennon as he leaves Liverpool, kills and reanimates a band, and then takes them on tour of terror across Europe and the States. This might sound like a joke but the production team behind it has some credentials after working on Erin Brockovich and Pulp Fiction.

The film will supposedly also feature cameos by Mick Jagger as England’s greatest zombie slayer, Jesus Christ who admits they were bigger than him, and Yoko Ono as an Eighth Level Ninja Lord.

Produced by Doubles Features (your guess is as good as mine), the film will offer a unique take on the Beatles’ classic catalog and for some reason pay Yoko Ono money to act. You know, Vinnie likes to hate on the zombie genre a lot, and I usually flip him the bird when he’s not looking, because I dig most zombie movies since I want to stay prepared for the eventual human genocide plague. But Mick Jagger and Yoko Ono? Were David Coverdale and Tawny Kitaen unavailable?

I have a better idea – We’ll cast Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and the guy from Maroon 5 as zombies and I get to hunt them. I won’t spoil anything, but they all get hit by a bus in the end.

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