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09.09.08 300 Comments

First there was The Devil Wears Prada, about a journalism grad’s experience interning for Vogue.  Then there was Ugly Betty, which was basically the same thing, but Mexicaner.  Today, New Line announced that it will be turning hockey player Sean Avery’s (I think he’s the Asian one) experiences as a Vogue intern this summer into a romantic comedy.  That’ll teach people to think it was all just a publicity stunt.

Avery, was a member of the NHL’s New York Rangers at the time of the internship; he’s since signed with the Dallas Stars. Avery told The Hollywood Reporter he’s always been a fashionista. “I was always trying to be the best-dressed kid in school,” he said.

Avery, an instigator and fighter who piles up penalty minutes, said he took some razzing for the experiences but has learned not to worry about the stereotypes of sport.

“I think it’s great to be into something that you care about,” he said. “But I’m still an athlete who likes to beat the crap out of people.” [THR]

Talk about a real fish out of (ice) water story, LOL!  Seriously though, the NHL has penalties for being a fruit?  I knew I liked that sport.

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