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11.06.08 25 Comments

Myspace has a brand new featurette about the girls of Watchmen (trailer here) starring Malin Akerman and Carla’s Guginos.  Like all featurettes, it includes plenty of interview footage in which the actors discuss the movie characters as if they were real people, and earnestly examine the psychological roots of spandex-wearing superheroes from a comic book.

“It’s funny, because I actually see a lot of myself in Lasers McFreeze.  You know, he was molested by an uncle, he was dyslexic, he hates broccoli, and throughout his life he feared confined spaces because of that time the devil banished him to a space cave.  And yet, in a way, it was those very traumas which gave him the special powers he needed to stop Gilgameth from stealing the gamma cube at Glaxon 4. So I mean, I think he’s someone we can all identify with.”

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