The Least Fascinating People of 2010 (& other stories)

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12.20.10 9 Comments

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  • Like the banner pic?  That’s from my list of 2010’s Least Fascinating People.  Get it?  It’s, like… totally, like… the opposite of what you’re used to.  I’m such a rebel.  |Uproxx|
  • Facebook is now supposedly worth $56 billion.  (*cough*) SELL! (*cough, cough*) |UproxxNews|
  • 50 corgis playing in the snow.  I love you, fuzz porn. |WarmingGlow|
  • The kid in Over the Top’s name is “Mike Hawk.”  Are people aware of this? |Frotcast 27|
  • Japan develops gesture-controlled robot arm, will soon make it buy robot panties from a vending machine. |GammaSquad|
  • The newest Coke add syncs up with the Inception music disturbingly well.  |TheDailyWhat|
  • (*punter sobbing in locker room*) I JUST WANTED SOMEONE TO NOTICE ME! (*more sobbing, guy in giants shirt calls him “f*ggot”) |NYCBarstoolSports|
  • Flying Lotus: “Zodiac Sh*t”, a music video. |AdultSwim|
  • Daft Punk Change the Game: The Tron: Legacy Soundtrack Review. |G4|
  • Michael Vick’s Hilarious Nissan Commercial [VIDEO] |TheUrbanDaily|

LAST DAY TO BUY FILMDRUNK SHIRTS UNTIL AFTER CHRISTMAS (as seen modeled by Hollywood superstar Chris Mintz-Plasse). No way I’m carting this big box of shirts to my mom’s house. |FILMDRUNK SHIRTS|

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