The Money Quote from Pete Hammond’s Fighter Article

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12.10.10 12 Comments

Pete Hammond’s output as a critic seems to have slowed down a little of late, perhaps due to his job doing “awards coverage” for Deadline.  Which is good, because his reviews are always barely-disguised shilling anyway. Anyway, our favorite misuser of the word “literally” recently wrote about the awards chances of David O. Russell’s The Fighter, under the headline, “Is The Fighter a heavyweight?” (SPOILER ALERT: It totally is!)  Right, so you came here for the money quote:

An exec close to the film’s campaign says the studios are starting to hear this a lot and points out one director branch member who came up after the film and told her, “I think I’ve just seen the Best Picture of the year.”  This exec says , “I know I should be drinking coffee but I am starting to drink my own Kool Aid. I think this thing is really starting to take off.” [Deadline]

Drinking your own Kool Aid??? Everyone knows you never drink your own Kool Aid!  You get your Kool Aid straight from the punch bowl like everyone else and you pray to God no one’s dropped a turd in it or some other overused metaphor!  What if you’re so busy drinking your own Kool Aid that someone comes up and eats your lunch?  Or worse yet, drinks your milk shake?  That’s just dangerous.  The Fighter‘s probably going to lose the Oscar to The Social Network now.

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