The Most Sensual Pool Hall in the World

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06.16.10 15 Comments

Wow, I want to play pool at this place.  As soon as I hit play on the clip, I started taking screencaps.  After about six of them, I realized there was just too much good stuff to capture with stills.  Just watch the video (below).  It comes from Joy, a 1983 French film being released on DVD next month by

Adapted for the screen from Joy Laurey’s popular erotic novels, JOY (1983) and JOY AND JOAN (1985) became international sensations in the early ’80s thanks to their daring depiction of sexuality, seductive tone and sensuous settings.
Fittingly, JOY was restored using a print discovered in the screening room of a Paris brothel, while JOY AND JOAN was restored from a print seized in a Marseilles vice raid. JOY boasts an additional 12 minutes of footage, including the complete ‘secret orgy dungeon’ sequence.

Aw, you had me at “Paris brothel,” but ‘Secret Orgy Dungeon’ is my middle name.

(Note: The whole thing is EXTREMELY suggestive, but the only actual nudity is a split second at the 1:57 mark. Proceed accordingly.)

The whole thing is exactly like an Uproxx mixer. Robopanda on the pool table, Chodin wanting to demonstrate his trick shot, Burnsy going on and on about his “greedy sword.” If you watch closely at the 36-second mark, you can even see a cameo from WarmingGlow‘s Matt Ufford.  Heckuva dancer.

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