The Top 10 Most Illegally Downloaded Films

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11.02.10 17 Comments

Courtesy of TorrentFreak (via Blastr), here’s this week’s list of the most illegally downloaded movies, led by InceptionInception has earned $818 million legally and will probably win Best Picture, so it’s no surprise to see it at the top of the list (nor is it really hurting anyone financially).  Meanwhile, it has to suck to be Scott Pilgrim, where you flop at the box office and yet still show up as the third most-stolen movie five months later.

The biggest surprise on the list has to be Eat Pray Love.  I’m just having a hard time picturing the kind of situation that would involve illegally downloading Julia Roberts’ puke-filled love letter to permanent vacation.

“Dude, I finally finished Medal of Honor.  What should we do now?”  (*huge bong rip*)  “Wanna watch Eat, Pray, Love?” (*coughs*)

(*transfixed*)  “Dude. I wanna go to Bali.”

For comparison are the theatrical grosses for the top 10 illegal downloads:

  • Inception: $291 million domestic, $521 foreign, $818 total.
  • The Social Network: $80 domestic, $32 million foreign, 112$ total
  • Scott Pilgrim: $31.5 domestic, $14 foreign, $45.4 total
  • Wall Street 2: $51.3 domestic, 62.7 foreign, 114 total
  • Resident Evil Afterlife:  $60 domestic, $214 foreign, $273 total
  • Red: $60 domestic, $5 foreign, $65 total.
  • Eat, Pray, Love: $80.6 domestic, $100.5 foreign, $181 total.
  • Knight and Day: $76 domestic, $177 foreign, $253 total
  • Lottery Ticket: $24.7 domestic
  • Jonah Hex: $10.5 domestic, $356,195 foreign.

Jonah Hex seems like the perfect torrent download.  Uhhh, I mean downloading is bad.  Please, think of the raccoons, and their kitties.

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