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Watch the trailer for Trailer Park Boys (opens January 25th)

According to the description on Apple, Trailer Park Boys is “widely regarded as one of Canada’s greatest comedy shows,” putting it just ahead of the Alex Trebek Limerick Hour and Tom Green masturbating a deer. 

I’m just kidding, Canucks, I really don’t have much to go on here besides moose jokes and French fries with gravy.  And when I travel abroad I always tell people I’m Canadian so they’ll be nicer to me.  I make sure to piss myself every now and then so it’s believable.  I kid, I kid!

TRAILER PARK BOYS: THE MOVIE, produced by Hollywood comedy maestro Ivan Reitman [yup, Junodirector Jason’s dad]. For seven years Julian, Ricky and Bubbles have been entertaining fans across Canada as the Trailer Park Boys in the irreverent TV smash hit centered around a group of trailer park residents living in the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park. The film finds pals Julian and Ricky serving an 18 month jail sentence for ATM robbery. Upon their release, they return to Sunnyvale trailer park to plan for the largest heist of their long, unsuccessful criminal careers-The Big Dirty, a scheme to steal vast quantities of untraceable change. But before their plan can succeed, they will have to outrun helicopters, survive shootouts, and face down drunken Trailer Park management in a deadly game of Sunnyvale Chicken.

I don’t know much about this, but I do know the director also directed many episodes of the TV show, including "A Shit River Runs Through It", "Going off the Rails on the Swayze Express", "Let the Liquor do the Thinking", and "Jump the Cheeseburger".  Let’s hope it’s more Borat and less Ali G Indahouse

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