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05.01.09 20 Comments

A group of incredibly proactive dork- er, Lord of the Rings enthusiasts, recently shot a 40-minute, high-definition film in North Wales with an all-volunteer crew of 150.

Called The Hunt for Gollum, the film is the work of 150 volunteers, says director Chris Bouchard.  “We’re essentially a bunch of fans and enthusiast filmmakers,” says Bouchard, who has put two years into the project. He made up the plot, which focuses on a search to find the deranged Gollum. The fear is that the wizened creature might reveal the whereabouts of the magic ring to the powers of darkness.

Fred Von Lohman, an attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, says it’s not really clear whether Bouchard and his crew of volunteers are in violation of the copyright for Tolkien’s work. Von Lohman says fans have always written their own stories based on TV shows and movies. That’s legal. But a high-quality movie available over the Internet [‘The Hunt for Gollum’ is set to premiere on DailyMotion this Sunday] could change the game. [via NPR]

I know how these people feel.  I’m always trying to get my not-for-profit tribute movies made.  I invite girls over to watch porno and then beg them to help me make a prequel.  But usually they say no and I end up wrestling an orc.

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