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03.05.09 28 Comments

Taking a cue from some of my favorite “massage parlors,” Carmike Theaters is launching a promo called “Stimulus Tuesdays.”

Under the deal, the Columbus, Ga.-based company will offer all 16-ounce drinks and 46-ounce popcorn for $1 each at its 250 locations with about 2,300 screens. Popcorn and drink prices have not been this low since the 1970s, according to Carmike.  “While lawmakers in Washington, D.C., continue to debate how to get the American economy back on track, and the rest of us wait for some positive impact on the economy and our pocketbooks, Carmike has an immediate solution that is sure to please our valued patrons and make the movie-going experience more affordable and enjoyable,” Carmike director of marketing Dale Hurst said. [THR]

In a world… where our economy was hobbled by greed… ONE COMPANY said NO… ONE COMPANY had the COURAGE… to sell their 10-cent sugar water and corn kernals at only a 90% mark-up on days when no one watched movies anyway… Put on your spats, Abigail May, the boom times is here again!

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