This is why people hate the French

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05.18.10 17 Comments

I’ve never been to France, but the French people I’ve met have generally been pretty nice, so when I make French jokes, it’s mostly because I’m amused by the English-speaking world’s irrational hatred of all things French. I mean, they have a stupid language that sounds like someone trying to lick my ear drum, but it’s certainly no more silly than Dutch. And I’ll take France over those arrogant, socks-with-sandal-wearing lesbian wannabes in Germany any day.  That said, congratulations, Xavier Beauvois, you are why people hate France personified.

CANNES, France – French director Xavier Beauvois has expressed support for detained filmmaker Roman Polanski by holding up a T-shirt emblazoned with Polanski’s name during a photo call at the Cannes Film Festival.

Beauvois is presenting his film “Of Gods and Men” at the French Riviera festival. He has called Polanski’s situation “Kafkaesque.” [AP]

It’s so true!  Remember when Gregor Samsa turned into a cockroach and then drugged and ass raped that little girl and had to live in his vacation home?  That was my favorite part.

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