Tim Burton wrote a poem about Johnny Depp

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09.24.10 24 Comments
"Move along, fella.  This is Jet territory."  (*finger snaps*)

"Move along, fella. This is Jet territory." (*finger snaps*)

God knows why we’re only hearing about it now, but it turns out Johnny Depp has long been Tim Burton’s muse, and I’m not speaking solely of cinema.  Yes, I’m talking about poetry, theatre’s even gayer cousin. (*dims lights, rolls cigarette*)  Turns out Burton wrote a poem about Depp which was published in Double Exposure, Take Three, by Roddy McDowell in 1992.  Of course I own it.  I keep it on my bookshelf next to some albums by bands you’ve never heard of on vinyl.  And it goes… (*finger snaps*) a little something… (*adjusts scarf*) like this… (*throws chalk in the air like Lebron James*)

(imagine Michael Madsen lighting a cigarette and Terrence Howard playing the bongos for ambience)

there was a young man
everyone thought was quite handsome
so he tied up his face
and held it for ransom

he made everybody
back up 20 feet
then he ran off
with his head
down a darkly
lit street

the whole town
wondered why he’d
threatened his face

they couldn’t understand,
…it was that kind of place.

Cool story, Tim Burton.

…To be honest, I was hoping it’d be a lot more hipstery.  I like how it rhymed.  And not one word about corsets or super-pale skin.  (*kicks can*)


[via holykaw]

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