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12.20.07 33 Comments

This is an exclusive clip from First Sunday, starring Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan.

Cube has slipped us an exclusive scene from his new comedy, which stars himself and “30 Rock” funnyman Tracy Morgan as two would-be criminals who hold up a church. The scene, entitled “The Cheap Seats,” sets up the plot as the two buddies stake out the holy house where they’ll soon perform a decidedly unholy act. [MTV]

The clip gives us a hilarious taste of what black church is like.  It’s great, because I’ve often said that the differences between how white people do things and how black people do things too often goes unaddressed in comedy.

And yes, I will use any excuse to post clips of Tracy Morgan’s public appearances (after the jump). If they gave an Oscar for Keepin’ It Real he’d win every time. 

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