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*Air guitar*

So I was rocking out to Papa Roach at Ozzfest the other day, and in between bidding on ground effects for the CRX my cousin and I share, I was thinking, “Hey, they should make another xXx with Vin Diesel.”  Well it turns out they are, and they’ve hired a director.  I know, bro, I almost spit Monster energy drink on my Jnco pants when I found out.

Ericson Core has signed to helm “XXX: The Return of Xander Cage,” Columbia’s third installment in the action franchise.
Vin Diesel is reprising the role of the extreme sports athlete-turned-government operative he originated in the 2002 movie directed by Rob Cohen. Diesel and Cohen skipped the 2005 sequel, “XXX: State of the Union,” which starred Ice Cube and was helmed by Lee Tamahori.
Core, a cinematographer-turned-director, worked as DP on Diesel’s 2001 flick “The Fast and the Furious.”
John Brancato and Michael Ferris (“Terminator Salvation”) wrote the script for “Xander Cage.” It involves Cage’s return to the National Security Agency after an eight-year absence. Richard Wilkes, who wrote the original movie, did a recent polish. [THR]

Ericson Core, eh?  You can imagine the restraint it took not to rename himself Ericson ‘Core.  ERICSON ‘CORE & VIN DIESEL star in… THE SPACE VIKING WHO SKY-SURFED WITH LESBIANS. OOH WHA-AA AA-AA!!  But anyway, I’m glad they’ve got the original writer back.  This is xXx we’re talking here.  You can’t hire just any Mexican down at the Home Depot to write a movie about a spy in a fur coat who does rail grinds.  I’d also like to see a Nic Cage/Vin Diesel buddy action flick.  Caged Diesel, they could call it.

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