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11.26.08 48 Comments

Probably Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s most famous bit was ripping on the guy who showed up to the premiere of Star Wars Episode I dressed as some sort of Lord of the Rings wizard while eating a Burger King Filet o’ Fish sandwich (I’ve attached that video after the jump, though I’m confident most of you have already seen it).  Well apparently, Triumph has kept in touch with the wizard, who goes by “Blackwolf” (because he’s black, you see), and recently invited him back on the Conan show to meet his favorite band, Finnish goth metallers Lordi.  The super awkward meeting begins at about the 3:30 mark.  At the 4:05 mark, Triumph encourages Blackwolf to hit on the female band member, so I assume Triumph had been out of the room when Blackwolf tells the bassist that “Bass players are simply delicious,” at the 3:55 mark.

I feel like I need to bathe in Clearasil after watching that.  I heard the cameraman for that segment is currently undergoing treatment for autism.

[via /Film]

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