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11.11.08 48 Comments

Dawson’s Crypt star Robert Pattinson’s appearance at a San Francisco Hot Topic in the Stonestown Galleria Mall* had to be cancelled yesterday after a much-larger-than-expected crowd of 3,000 annoying teenage girls and housewives began pushing and shoving, leaving one with a broken nose.  Wrote one attendee:

“the things that all went WRONG: around 1am [the appearance was scheduled to begin at 6 pm –Ed.] a mother decided to make a list and number everyones hands which was not authorized at all.

around 5:45am a hot topic staff member told everyone to back away from the doors and form a line. which was coming into shape, and yet then the “list” that was made was NO GOOD, which upset everyone who did put their names down and were numbered but since it wasnt authorized it wasnt going to work.

then losing track of time here is where it went way out of control while the line was forming a purse was stolen, shoes were being thrown, a girl got cuts on her neck from people being in the mob trying to pull her back to get closer, a female got her nose smashed into a wall, and yet as a LINE was forming they werent going to move away from the doors.

the mall was staffed with 4 security guards expecting only 500 fans! hot topic did NOT have 500 shirts, they said “500 people would be allowed in” 2 braclets” per shirt, meaning they were only going to have around 250 shirts.” [First-hand account via the San Jose Mercury News]

Boy, hordes (herds?) of undersexed housewives and teenage girls sure are a lot less sexy than I was led to believe.

*More like the Jonestown Galleria Mall, am I right? Anyone?  **looks around for high five**

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